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23 May 13

Not sure if you’re interested in dealing with buyers outside of the US, or perhaps exporting might seem like uncharted waters not worth investing in?

You might want to rethink that…


Equipment on ship for export

As our society and business becomes more global, ask yourself this: Are you adjusting to the new world of global commerce, or are you still trying to figure out how to make more revenue in your local market?

Looing at some of the latest facts and figures, here’s what the experts at the AEM say:

There is clearly a demand for US heavy equipment and the world sees US equipment as being higher quality, better maintained. The favorable exchange rate due to a soft Dollar makes it an even bigger bargain to some.

What are some of the global trends?

  • Demand for heavy equipment is dominated by China according to Moffat Publishing
  • Demand is also high in Latin America
  • Production of new equipment is down, so late model used equipment is hot right now resulting in higher prices

As for what the future holds?

  • Construction activity growth is estimated to increase annually by 6.5% for the next 3 years (Moffat Publishing), with a continuing increase in demand coming from China, as well as Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe
  • Improvements to the infrastructure in developing nations will also continue to fuel global demand for equipment, used equipment in particular
  • Economies in many emerging markets can’t afford some of the late model used equipment or new
    • Older equipment US customers wouldn’t touch would be the perfect solution for some of these developing countries

So when you are looking out on your yard, at equipment that has been there for over a year, think about how entering the global marketplace could make a big impact on your business.  As the fastest growing used heavy equipment site in the world, Mascus can help you reach the largest global audience of used equipment buyers; and with over 40 offices around the world, we can assist you with local knowledge about these markets.

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14 May 13

The Mascus Team at Bauma 2013

The Mascus Team at Bauma 2013

If you were lucky enough to attend BAUMA in Munich last month, you probably saw the Mascus booth.  Several of the Mascus team members from multiple Mascus countries were on hand to greet customers and friends of Mascus.

BAUMA was amazing this year as well.  Already the largest expo of its kind, with over 530,000 visitors from 200 countries attending, it was a new record for the event. In fact, according to the latest reports, the show was extremely successful for all the exhibitors, and some of them reported the highest amount of machine orders ever; a positive sign for the industry.

We were excited to show everyone the latest developments from Mascus, including our new mobile website as well as some enhancements to the Mascus site.

As the world’s largest online marketplace for used construction equipment, Mascus was proud to be part of this incredible event and we’re looking forward to the next one in 2016.

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6 Dec 12

used komatsu wa200 for sale

Time is ticking to take advantage of Section 179, and maximize your purchasing power. Section 179 is a tax code that allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of equipment.

You have until the end of December to qualify – most business equipment, including used construction equipment, and used agriculture equipment, are included.

New and used, as well as purchased, financed and leased equipment qualifies. Your equipment must be in place on or before December 31, 2012.

The Job Acts of 2010 increased limits of the Section 179 deduction. These allow for a deduction of up to $139,000. Capital purchases have increased to $560,000. The law also allows for a 50 percent bonus depreciation on items placed into service during the 2012 calendar year, but it can only be used on new equipment. The bonus depreciation is a one-time deduction and is beneficial to large businesses spending more than $560,000 on new capital equipment.

The limits can change at any time, and without notice, so take advantage now. Mascus can help you to buy used equipment today.

Section 179 is not automatic; you must elect to use it. The filing is simple, just fill out IRS form 4562 and file it with your tax return.

For more information, visit

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21 Aug 12

Farm Equipment John Deere 9400

John Deere 9400

Last year, agricultural equipment exports were up 23% according Association of Equipment Manufacturers, and we are excited how the growth of used agricultural equipment exports will be as compared to 2011.

While some manufacturers such as John Deere have revised their outlook for new equipment for the remainder of the year due to changing conditions in some foreign markets, the demand for used agricultural equipment may remain high or even grow.

We continue to hear about strong demand for used farm machines in Eastern European markets according to our local offices in those countries.  We also hear similar things from our US dealers who export used agricultural equipment on a regular basis.

We will also continue to monitor how the drought here in the US affects prices of used machines.  Will it result in some farmers keeping their equipment for one more season?  If so, then will the smaller supply drive up used farm equipment prices?  Stay tuned!

If you’re looking for used farm and agricultural equipment, remember to visit Mascus.

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14 Mar 12

It’s not just construction equipment that’s getting the boost from exports.  Used agriculture equipment had quite a year as well, especially in terms of exporting it from the US.  In fact, according to a report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, agriculture equipment exports increased 23% in 2011.

You can read summary of the report here.

As we mentioned in our blog post regarding construction equipment, we continue to see a strong worldwide demand for used heavy equipment, especially equipment from the US.  It was really exciting for us here at Mascus to see that we have offices in most of the top 10 countries where used machines are being exported to.

If you have some used farm equipment for sale, it’s a great time to take advantage of a strong global demand, and an exchange rate that might work in your favor as a seller.

If you would like to learn more about how reach buyers in these markets and many more, please contact us by clicking here.

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6 Mar 12

The global demand for construction equipment continues to grow, and this was proven once again with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) report for 2011.  In fact, US construction machinery exports were up 43% over prior year.

You can read more about the report on the AED website here:

Between the information we monitor and the feedback we continue to get from used heavy equipment dealers that are Customers of Mascus, we don’t see any slowing down of global demand for machinery.

As we have mentioned before, the more people you can reach, the more money you can get selling your used construction equipment.  When you reach a large international audience, you can also take advantage of currency exchange rates. A bargain for the buyer due to the exchange rate can often mean that you’ll get a higher selling price than you would selling it domestically.

If you ever have any questions about marketing your used equipment to an international audience of buyers, or how to work with international buyers, please contact us here at Mascus.

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29 Feb 12

It was great to see so many Mascus friends and Customers at the February auctions in Florida.  It’s amazing how big February has become for heavy equipment auctions; not only with the Ritchie Brothers auction, but also with other large auctions going on around the same time such as the Yoder & Frey auction. Iron Planet also hosted their first in-person live auction at Fantasy of Flight near Orlando.

For those of you who were at the IEDA meeting, you heard from Diane Ghiglietti from Mascus and Jeff Jeter from Iron Planet about the importance of reaching a global audience of equipment buyers.  Being able to reach the international audience of equipment buyers not only increases your visibility, it also increases how much you can sell your equipment for either via auction or equipment listings.

As you have seen at auctions, more bidders mean higher selling prices.  The same is true when you are reaching your potential buyers: The more people that you can reach; the more money you can get for your used equipment.

The best way to maximize your audience of used equipment buyers is to list your equipment on and reach a global audience of buyers.  To find out more, click here for contact information for Mascus USA.

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7 Feb 12

If you’re looking for used John Deere equipment, you’re in luck; you’ll be seeing a lot more of it on very soon!

Today, Mascus announced an exciting new data integration agreement with John Deere that will help John Deere dealers upload their entire inventory with just a click of a button.  (You can read the entire press release here)

This is  great news for the John Deere dealers in the US and Canada as we help them reach a global audience of used equipment buyers, and also great news for people searching for John Deere equipment.

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19 Jan 12

Mascus booth at the AED SummitThe AED Summit and CONDEX show kicked of this morning, and we have had a great time meeting with equipment dealers from around the country and even other parts of the world.  We been able to to say hello to some current Customers and make some new friends too. It’s exciting to tell them about Mascus and how we help them reach a global audience of equipment buyers.

We’re also having fun showing off our cool new Mascus shirts, and we have a great corner booth spot.  If you’re here, stop on by and say hello. You can also register to win an iPhone 4s that we’re giving away.

If you want to find out more about the AED Summit and CONDEX, you can follow the action on Twitter with the hastag #AEDsummit

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4 Jan 12

Mascus is now offering mobile websites for used heavy equipment dealers.  This is a very exciting product launch for us and you can read more about it here in the press release.

If you sell used heavy equipment, Mascus can set up a mobile website for you quickly and easily, and it will work on nearly any mobile phone in the world.

For more information about the Mascus Dealer Mobile Solution, click here.

If you’re not sure why you need a mobile website, check our this video we put together on YouTube.

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