Goodbye Plow


The human race is constantly building a better mousetrap…or tillage method.

Ancient Sumerian Statue of Ox and Farmer plowing a field

Ironically though for thousands of years, the basic plow conceptuallySince before recorded history, mankind has been using a sharpened stick–sometimes pulled with a domestic animal and sometimes by hand to till the soil for agricultural needs.  Time and technology improvements have turned the stick into a wooden wedge, then carved blade.  Handle and yoke improvements further improved this implement as well as bronze, copper, and iron age blacksmithing.

has hardly changed.  A sharpened blade turned the earth and allowed us to sow seed.   Advancements improved the number of rows, horse and oxen drawn plows were replaced by mechanical tractors, but the plow…tried and true, stayed the same.  However, technology has reached the stage that after thousands of years, the plow may finally be finally obsolete in modern farming.

According to Kiplinger’s Things that will soon Disappear Forever.  The plow will soon be gone.  Advances in seed drills, herbicides, cover crops, a better understanding of how deep tillage encourages erosion, even CO2 concerns are driving farmers to eliminate the plow.

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