Forestry equipment and construction machinery, machine classes that work together


Partners to an End Goal

Often times, before a construction project can be started, there is a significant need to clear out the land that the build site will be on. Debris, old structures, plants and other objects may be obstructing the potential location for a new project, and this may call for the use of forestry equipment in addition to construction equipment. It’s common for different categories of heavy equipment to be used in tandem with each other to accomplish an end goal at times, and in particular the forestry and construction classes of machinery generally work together.

A multitude of different forestry machines help workers in the clearing and flattening of land for building upon, like forwarders and knuckleboom loaders. These machines also serve secondary purposes to land clearing, as they simultaneously produce raw materials for paper and wood production. These are most often seen used in instances where the desired land for building is overgrown or forested, hence the designation ‘forestry’ equipment. Ultimately, forestry machinery boils down to being mechanical power aiding in the removal of debris from a desired construction location. The byproducts of tree removal result in resources that can be used for a myriad of different everyday things, while also preparing a site for constructive purposes.

Clear that site

As much as these machines are relied on to remove stubborn objects from a potential build location, bulldozers are used to clear land very often as well. While not typically considered a staple of foresting machinery, bulldozers offer some capabilities that other forms of specialized land management machinery simply can’t provide. A few of these include dirt scooping, added strength and overhead crane movement. Bulldozers, like some forms of forestry equipment are used to destroy and demolish things that may be in the way, but are specifically equipped to take down old pre-existing buildings in a lot of cases. The sheer amount of strength behind a bulldozer claw can reduce walls and roofing to rubble, unlike some forms of forestry equipment. Because of this fact, it’s important to evaluate the surroundings of a build site before deciding on whether you will need construction equipment, forestry equipment or both to get the job done.

Together, and Separate.

In some scenarios, it may be in order to use both construction equipment like a bulldozer and forestry equipment like a knuckleboom loader combined to flatten out a building site. If the area of the desired construction project is both heavily wooded and also has some pre-existing structures that need to be knocked down, then a larger supply and wider variety of heavy machinery may be needed. However, to be as cost efficient as possible, only get what is necessary for the project to be completed adequately. To ensure this happens, getting used equipment may be one of the best options out there, as far as cost to performance ratios go. If building in a wooded area is not a common thing for your company, forestry equipment may be unnecessary altogether, but having access to good bulldozers at a minimum is one of the safest bets you can make.

While the often intertwined classes of forestry equipment and construction machinery are commonly used in many forms of building processes, they still remain separate, each one having specialized devices for different sets of tasks. In forestry, the byproducts of land clearing are often times recycled into usable materials for everyday life, but it’s clear that these two industries make up equally significant parts of the world’s growing amount of heavy machinery.

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