Guide to Selecting The Right Transportation Company


There are thousands of experienced haulers throughout the US that can help you out when it comes to heavy equipment transportation. Because of the risks and legal requirements it’s important you find a trusted and reliable partner. Our guide below should fill you in on what to look for.

The two biggest factors you should consider before signing the deal are:

1. Is the piece of machinery that you are moving covered by the transportation company’s insurance policy? – If they are a reputable organisation then this will be a given, but it’s always important not to let anything slip under the net when dealing with such expensive equipment. Unfortunately accidents do happen, so you want to ensure you’ll be fully covered if the worst were to happen.

2. Is the quote fair? – Try to get a collection of quotes from 3-4 transportation companies

Next you want to select a transport company that is reputable. So for this you should consider:

The number of years experience they have in the industry – Anything over 5 years is a good mark, but that’s not to say newer companies should be avoided. Instead they simply require closer inspection. It could be the case that you’ll find the best deals with newer haulers.
Are they known for reliability and cost effectiveness? – The best place to look for information about their past experience is online. A quick search on Google, Twitter or Facebook for the company name should alert you to any poor sentiment towards the brand. It’s also worth asking for testimonials and then contacting these customers for verification.

You can also check a trucking company’s history by performing a search on the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) carrier database.

Services that a high quality transport company should offer:

– Permits
– Legal Requirements
– Insurance
– The provision of experienced drivers
– The provision of the appropriate equipment for your heavy goods – This includes flags, lights, appropriate carriers for weight / dimensions, and more.
– Knowledge of the limitations of getting from point A to point B and how to deal with them efficiently.
– The provision of a pilot car to escort your shipment (if your equipment is over 12′ wide, depending on the area, most states will require at least one pilot car).

Measures to take before moving day:

Cover parts that are vulnerable to rain and wind – Ask your transporter for additional instructions to help protect your heavy equipment from the elements
Prepare an open area at pickup and drop-off points to load and unload your equipment
Make sure to ask your transport company if their carrier will have a ramp. If it does not, you will need to provide them with a ramp of your own, a crane, or another method to get your equipment onto the carrier.
The vehicle must be clean
Ensure you leave a set keys in the vehicle or with the hauler
Fill the vehicle with enough gas to get it on and off the trailer if necessary, but not more than half a tank
Check that the brakes are functioning correctly
Ensure there aren’t any fluid leaks
Disconnect all alarm systems
Remove radios and CD players that are not built in to avoid theft
Remove all luggage or personal belongings

List of transport companies for Mascus:

Equipment hauling is big business in the United States so there are plenty of providers for you to price match against. Although it may seem like an arduous task, you’ll be surprised at how smooth the operation eventually runs. Try to remove the guesswork by speaking to a few haulers in your area. Find out about their services, obtain a few quotes and you’ll have the wheels rolling in no time!